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Deputy Farley and K-9 Odin


Deputy Farley and K-9 Odin


Sheriff's Office Introduces New K-9 Odin


Santa Barbara - March 31st, 2017


The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is proud to introduce one of its newest members, our K-9 Odin.  The two and a half year old, black German Shepherd just finished his latest round of training and is now the only bomb detection dog on patrol in Santa Barbara County. 


Odin was born in Germany where he received his initial training.  He was purchased by the Sheriff’s Office in May of 2016 to replace our K-9 Gango who was bomb detection certified and retired after seven years of service.  Odin has been busy since his arrival to the Sheriff’s Office.  He attended patrol school, bomb detection school and will attend hard surface tracking school next. 


Odin is currently assigned to patrol with his handler Deputy Philip Farley.  Deputy Farley is an 11-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office and working with a K-9 is a longtime dream of his.  He said, “I observed Deputy Ken Rushing and his K9 Aco working together and I saw the reward he experienced when his dog was successful.  He was so proud and I wanted to be a part of that.”   When Odin is not at work, he lives at home with Deputy Farley and his family. 


During his short career, Odin is already credited with one criminal apprehension and locating two wanted subjects. He has also been used to conduct a protective sweep of a building during a bomb threat and for a dignitary motorcade.


Lt. Kevin Huddle who oversees the Sheriff’s K-9 Unit says it is critical for the Sheriff’s Office to have a dog trained in the detection of explosives.  He said, “The use of a bomb detection dog is important not only for calls for service but also to assist federal and state agencies with dignitary protection.”


The Sheriff’s Office currently has four K-9s on staff.  Three on patrol and one trained in narcotics.


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