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Project LifesaverTM

Actively and quickly locates the

missing due to Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, and  other disabilities before they become victims!


Santa Barbara County is home to thousands who have Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Mental Dysfunction Disorders and many youngsters with Down’s Syndrome or Autism.   More than half with these ailments will wander at one time or another.  Those who become lost will require an urgent, well trained response.  If not found quickly, they are at high risk of serious injury or even death. 


Monitoring BraceletParticipants of Project Lifesaver are given special wristbands with transmitters that emit silent signals picked up only by unique receivers & directional antennas.

While caregivers check that the battery and wristband are secure daily, both items are maintained and replaced monthly by Sheriff’s Department personnel or trained volunteers.

In the event a participant wanders off and the Sheriff’s Department is notified, the Search-and-Rescue team is deployed utilizing Project Lifesaver's specialized tracking equipment to locate the missing person.

Sheriff Personnel and volunteers are uniquely trained to make your loved one feel at ease for a safe return home.

The average time to locate a missing participant is 20-30 minutes from time of deployment.


Sheriff Bill Brown

Project Lifesaver provides a new level of safety for those with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or other memory and judgment disorders.  I'm proud to bring this innovative service to our community. It gives families and caregivers reassurance and a much needed sense of security.  Where previously a full scale search for a missing person suffering from a memory disorder might last for days and require extensive public safety resources, now it may be concluded in just a matter of minutes.     I expect Project Lifesaver's success to be measured not only by a savings in taxpayer dollars, but also by something priceless: the value of lives saved as a result of this worthwhile project.

                                                      BILL BROWN,






The Sheriff’s Department does not

charge for anyone to be on the

Project Lifesaver Program.

An equipment cost of $300 for the first year with a $100 refundable deposit on the wristband. Subsequent years cost $125 for the batteries and bands that are changed and inspected by trained personnel.

Thanks to generous donations by

individuals and service groups such

as Lions Clubs International,

sponsorships may be available for those in financial need.


If you have any questions, make a donation, or would like to enroll a loved one, please contact Tiffany Hampton at 805-681-4179 or by email at


Lion's ClubProject LifesaverSanta Barbara County Search & Rescue

Alzheimer's Association


Project Lifesaver is brought to our community by an alliance between Law Enforcement expertise and these fine organizations






Without Project Lifesaver, survival rate of an otherwise healthy Alzheimer's

patient decreases by 50% every 24 hours.

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